The Charter Cities Startup Kit

Francisco Litvay
3 min readJul 2, 2020

The Complete Tool-set to start your Charter City Project


This post is meant to serve as a free repository of template documents and tools available online for the creation of Charter Cities and advanced Special Economic Zones. The kit is structured as follows:

In section 1, you will find documents for introducing the concept, analyzing a potential host country and delivering a convincing pitch of the positive impacts Charter Cities can bring.

Once you have support from a host nation, refer to section 2 for materials to follow up with and get the legal framework in order. This includes an MOU and letter of intent to formalize cooperation, as well as model legislation and charters for your city.

After the legal basis for the city is established and the project is ready to start, move to section 3 for materials related to the strategy, administration and management of the Charter City. There you will find better practices, an administration framework, model concessions and a risk management guide.

The sources used for this guide are all linked at the bottom of the page. If you think there is an interesting material which could be included in the kit, send me a message per Email or on LinkedIn and I’ll update the list :)

1. Getting Started

1.1. Introduction to Charter Cities

1.2. Information Sheet and Requirements List

1.3. Economic Projections

Prosperity Zone Economic Projection Report

2. Legal Structuring

2.1. MOU and Letter of Interest Template

2.2. Model Legislation Templates

2.3. Model Charters

3. Operating

3.1. Administration Framework

3.2. Model Concession Provisions

3.3. Risk Mitigation Guide

3.4. Better Practices

SEZ Best Practices


Charter Cities Institute:

Institute for Competitive Governance:

Startup Societies Foundation:




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